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Top 10 Wedding Day Showstoppers

Ever wondered what you can do to make your wedding THE event of the year? Sure, there's always a surprise firework show or maybe a beautifully choreographed first dance, but we set out to explore what other unique options there are for Wedding Day Showstoppers.

Here's our Top Ten Wedding Day Showstoppers:

  • Choreograph a bridal party flash-mob

  • Think anything "build-your-own"

  • Create a candy bar, yes it's for adults too!

  • Book food trucks for cocktail hour

  • Purchase a custom ice sculpture

  • Make a personalized neon sign

  • Individually bottle/display signature drinks

  • Order a custom cake topper

  • Rent a wedding day bounce house, yes you read that right!

  • Design a funny groom's cake or other dessert

1. Choreograph a bridal party flash-mob

Before you say you couldn't possibly... YES YOU CAN! I don't care if it's the same footwork as footloose or just a more enthusiastic version of the cupid shuffle but to your favorite Disney song, a flash mob is always a fun touch! When your guests have all but started to settle down a bit after cake cutting, or maybe as your big last song of the night, having a short but fun dance choreographed with your bridal party to your favorite anthem will no doubt have people sharing videos of your event long after you say, "I Do".

2. Think anything "build-your-own"

Sure, we have all seen pics on Pinterest of the nostalgic build-your-own smore's bar, but have you considered coming up with your own version? Whether it's a mimosa bar with various juices and fresh fruits or a Tex-Mex inspired nacho bar, guests are sure to have a blast coming up with their own fun combinations. See our new blog post next week for a list of our Top 10 Favorite Build-Your-Own Ideas.

3. Create a candy bar

Looking for a way to make your guests light up like a kid in a candy store? How about creating your very own candy bar! Whether you use it as a sweet addition to cocktail hour or allow guests to create their own little candy box as a favor, this is sure to excite. Many candy companies even offer ways to personalize wrappers and candies to accent your colors, theme, or initials. Who said candy is only for the kids?

4. Book food trucks for cocktail hour

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of the wedding is cocktail hour. Sometimes it seems easier to just let the caterer come up with something, but if you want to surprise guests consider hiring a food truck or two instead. You can find a food truck for just about any cuisine or style you'd like. Whether that's a brewing company's mobile cafe or your favorite local restaurant's truck, it is sure to both wow and delight!

5. Purchase a custom ice sculpture

The possibilities for an ice sculpture's application at a wedding are ENDLESS! Whether you’re hosting a magical winter wedding or a romantic summer evening event, an ice sculpture is sure to capture guest’s attention. We've seen ice sculptures used to display the couple’s last name, initials, or even their rings. Not a huge fan of the traditional initials in a heart but still want a fun way to incorporate an ice sculpture, have the artist create a one-of-a-kind ice bar to keep your drinks or food chilled to perfection. What better way to show off you're champagne of choice but to have it displayed in a sculpture of ice to hold a crisp chill all night! Our friends over at Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures would love to help you create a one of a kind piece, check them out on Instagram at @full_spectrum_ice or click the link below to request more information! Full Spectrum Ice Sculptures

6. Make a personalized neon sign

While I've seen them created with everything from Christmas lights to EL wire, there are plenty of companies specializing in neon signs for those of us with a less crafty hand. Etsy for example is full of shops, each sporting their own fonts and display styles. Why not select a cute quote for your sign and then use it as a backdrop for your own DIY photobooth? Or if you are still looking for something to hang behind your sweetheart table, consider getting your last name in lights! Not only will this make your event quite literally glow, but it's a fun conversation started to put in a game room or family room after your event!

7. Individually bottle/display signature drinks

Now depending on what your signature drink is this may work better in some cases than others, but it could be worth checking out! If your drink has fresh fruit and ingredients that won't sit well, you may have to mix all of the liquid ingredients in the ornament and have the fruit and other parts resting in the individual glass. However, if your drink is only liquid ingredients this could be a very cute way to display premixed drinks. Other options could be individual little bottles of champagne or wine, or even customized cans or bottles for beer and seltzers. Whichever route you take, please always make sure to follow your venue's guidelines on required bar staff and drink responsibly!

8. Order a custom cake topper

Now these are always a fan favorite! Artists across the internet have been designing and selling custom cake toppers for quite some time now. But it is always fun to explore how couples express themselves through this fun little accessory. Personally, I can't wait to have a little figurine of our dogs nibling at the edge of our cake. Just when you think you've seen them all, you find a topper of a bride dragging her fiancé away from the big game or of two hamsters dressed as bride and groom. The possibilities are endless, and guests are sure to love seeing your personalities through this little detail.

9. Rent a wedding day bounce house

Okay hear me out... what isn't awesome about a bunch of adults kicking off their heels or boots and taking a jump break! I know what you may be thinking, how do I make the rainbow-colored cheesy children's bounce house fit into my classy event. Well April from DFW Events and Photo has solved that for you. Her beautiful white bounce houses keep with the elegant look of your day, while also providing guests with an unexpected bit of fun. Whether you want some extra entertainment during the cocktail hour, or a surprise for the reception, your guests are sure to talk about it for the rest of the year! And don't forget how fun the pictures could be! For my couples in the DFW and Austin areas of Texas, check out the link below for all your beautiful bounce-house needs!

10. Design a funny groom's cake or other dessert

Sometimes overlooked amongst all other little details of wedding planning, the groom's cake is one of the few things on the wedding day that are tailored specifically to the groom. Usually less traditional and themed after one of the groom's favorite sports teams or hobbies, the cake can be a great way to get guests talking. One of our personal favorites was a groom's cake fashioned to look like a snowball with a couple of skis sticking out like they'd been swallowed during an avalanche. It was a quirky way of showing the groom's love for skiing. Clearly it got guests talking because I still tell my couples about it today!

Thank you for checking out our article!

We hope you found this article both entertaining and helpful. Please check back with us each week for more articles on anything and everything to do with event planning!

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