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À la carte Design Suites

Our suites are designed to be added to any package for easy customization! Feel free to pick and choose which options will help build a package that best suits your wants and needs for your wedding.

Colorful Papers

Bits and Pieces Suite

In-Depth Decor Design

Whether you have a hard time getting those creative juices flowing or would just rather hand it all over to a skilled designer, this package handles it all. From creation and sourcing of all paper materials (save-the-dates, invitations, menus, and programs) to custom signage, we handle anything decor-related. We will help you come up with a wedding aesthetic that will not only wow your guests but also speaks to the personality of both partners. 

If you already have your design aspect well in hand but want someone to make sure everything goes where you want it (how you want it) this package can be tailored for you as well!

Gadgets and Gizmos

Everything Gifts

We know that it can be difficult to come up with that perfect set of unique and personalized gifts for all the special people in your life. Let us do the hard part for you! With the knowledge you share with us about your guests, we will help you put together everything from bridal party boxes to out-of-town welcome baskets. We help you curate a complete list of recipients and then build personalized gifts for each person. Whether that's something sentimental to hand your father before the ceremony or a thank you to your mother for all her help, we've got you covered!

Just Bought
Country Style Wedding Table Set

Odds and Ends Suite

Rehearsal Dinner

While it is customary for your coordinator to attend your rehearsal in order to help run the ceremony walkthrough, this package takes you from host to guest of honor! Whether you want to do a formal dinner to accompany the evening, or get rehearsal out of the way and grab drinks uptown, we will do our best to ensure you are able to just relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. From coordination with the venue to dinner reservations and decor, we handle it all!

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